Jajarm Aluminium Reduction Hall
Booshehr 200bed Hospital, SSO
The Court of Administrative Justice
Gholhak Negin Commercial/Office Building
Iran Telecommunication Tower
Hashtgerd 624 Residential Units
Apadanaceram Factory

Multi-Storey Parking

Subject: Execution of construction & electrical- mechanical installation operations
Project location: Tehran

Area: 47,295 (m2)

Client: Government Funded Projects**

Designer:  Government Funded Projects** 

Supervisor: Government Funded Projects**

Contract amount: 13.8 Million $ [(Price List of 2014) (Reference index fourth quarter of the year 2013)] + 25% increasing 17.25 Million $
Initiation date: August 24, 2015
Temporary invoice: 15.93 Million $
Escalation invoice: 0.87 Million $
Present status: Under construction

** Specific budget item issued in Plan & Budget Organization  

Parliament Commissions Main Building and Parking

Subject: Engineering, procurement and construction of Islamic parliament commissions parking and main building.
Type of contract: EPC
Project location: Tehran, Baharestan Sq. 
Area: 37,300 (m2)
Beneficiary: Parliament
Client: Tehran municipality development zones organization.

Designer: Sayol Construction and Installation Co.

Supervisor: Paramadan consultant engineers

Guest House of Apadanaceram Factory

Subject: Construction & installation operations with landscaping
Project location: Ghazvin - Boyinzahra  
Area: 3,400 (m2)
Beneficiary: Apadanaceram ceramic – tile co. (affiliated to the state pension)
Client: Apadanaceram ceramic – tile co.
Designer: Makan afarin consultant engineers
Supervisor: Makan afarin consultant engineers

Reyhane II 624 units residential complex

Subject: Construction & installation operations (4 type G blocks)
Project location: Hashtgerd new city 
Beneficiary: Naji sazan - e - amin organization (affiliated to Naja cooperation foundation)
Client: Naji sazan - e - amin organization
Designer: Shora consultant engineers
Supervisor: Shora consultant engineers

Nedaja Telecommunication Center

Subject: structure, construction & installation operations with landscaping
Project location: Anzali
Area: Total about 2,000 (m2)
- Telecommunication center: 695 (m2)
- Military police building: 1,230 (m2)
- Powerhouse: 240 (m2)
Beneficiary: Nedaja headquarters engineering
Client: Nedaja headquarters engineering
Designer: Gueno consultant engineers
Supervisor: Gueno consultant engineers
Contract amount: $0.574 Million (Price List of 2002)
+ 25% increasing $0.718 Million 
Initiation date: February 3, 2003
Temporary hand over:
Telecommunication center & powerhouse: October, 2004
Military police building: August, 2005
Final invoice & escalation: $0.81 Million 

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