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SAYOL Construction - Hospital/Medical
SAYOL, Award Winning Company
Jajarm Aluminium Reduction Hall
Booshehr 200bed Hospital, SSO
The Court of Administrative Justice
Gholhak Negin Commercial/Office Building
Iran Telecommunication Tower
Hashtgerd 624 Residential Units
Apadanaceram Factory

Social Security Organization 200bed Hospital, Bushehr

Subject: All concrete structure, construction, installation operations & landscaping
Project location:  Bushehr
Area: 33,000 (m2)
Beneficiary: Treatment & sanitation department of social security organization


Client: Khanesazi Iran co.
Designer: Khanesazi Iran co.
Supervisor: Khanesazi Iran co.

Social Security Organization 100bed Hospital, Anzali

Subject: Construction & installation operations with landscaping
Project location: Anzali
Area: 15,000 (m2)
Beneficiary: Ministry of health
Client: Khanesazi Iran co.
Designer: Khanesazi Iran co.
Supervisor: Khanesazi Iran co.

Mehr Gynecology Hospital and Medical Housing

Subject: Structure & construction operations, mechanical - electrical installations implementation with landscaping
Project location: Borazjan
Area: 4,000 (m2)
Beneficiary: Khanesazi Iran co. (affiliated to social security organization)
Client: Khanesazi Iran co.
Designer: Khanesazi Iran co.
Supervisor: Khanesazi Iran co.

Dental Hygienists Center

Subject: Construction, installation and landscaping operations
Project location:  Hamedan
Beneficiary: Ministry of health
Client: Ministry of health
Designer: Ardam consultant engineers
Supervisor: Ardam consultant engineers
Contract amount: 2.2 Million $
+ 25% increasing 2.75 Million $
Initiation date: March 13, 1983
Temporary hand over: January, 1987
Final invoice & escalation: 4.429 Million $

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