SAYOL Construction and Installation Company

Established in 1980, Sayol has been involved in construction industry since 1981. 

Throughout its progress and continuous development during the last 40 years Sayol has achieved : 

The highest ranking in Construction and Building Services Engineering. 

Recently, with the renewal of Construction ranking and promotion in Building Services Engineering on the basis of the latest ranking scheme in "Vice-Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision" , Sayol obtained:

- First ranking in Construction and Building Services Engineering 
- Ranking 5 in Oil and Gas
- Ranking 5 in Road and Transportation 

Strong belief in engineering visions along with observing highest technical specifications and using the latest technical achievements in programming, control and implementing operations has been Sayol's main target; at Sayol, we have always managed to deliver the best quality results according to the time-frame. 


Accomplished operations all around the country include the number of construction operations for great hospitals, industrial projects, residential and office towers in Semnan, Lorestan, Hamedan, Gazvin, Bushehr, Gilan, Khorasan, Azerbaijan and Tehran provinces. Endorsement letters from contract parties and clients express their satisfaction from our performance in Sayol.

It is important to note that (authorized owners with signature permit) managing director and the head of board of directors have remained in their position since Sayol establishment.

more information on Management and Planning Organization website



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