Reyhane II 624 units residential complex

Subject: Construction & installation operations (4 type G blocks)
Project location: Hashtgerd new city 
Beneficiary: Naji sazan - e - amin organization (affiliated to Naja cooperation foundation)
Client: Naji sazan - e - amin organization
Designer: Shora consultant engineers
Supervisor: Shora consultant engineers

Contract amount: $26.914 Million  (Price List of 2007)
Initiation date: September 3, 2008
Temporary hand over: Due to the client financial, housing market recession & failure of off plan, after complete execution of the structure and the ceilings, was terminated & the project with no defects, after supervision and control on February 27, 2011 was handed over completely
Final invoice & escalation: $11.223 Million     


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