Jajarm Aluminium Reduction Hall
Booshehr 200bed Hospital, SSO
The Court of Administrative Justice
Gholhak Negin Commercial/Office Building
Iran Telecommunication Tower
Hashtgerd 624 Residential Units
Apadanaceram Factory

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SAYOL Construction and Installation Company

Established in 1980, Sayol has been involved in construction industry since 1981. 

Throughout its progress and continuous development during the last 39 years Sayol has achieved : 

The highest ranking in Construction and Building Services Engineering. 

Recently, with the renewal of Construction ranking and promotion in Building Services Engineering on the basis of the latest ranking scheme in "Vice-Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision" , Sayol obtained:

- First ranking in Construction and Building Services Engineering 
- Ranking 5 in Oil and Gas
- Ranking 5 in Road and Transportation 


  Management Director of "Apadana Ceram Company" officially endorses Sayol for management and construction of ApadanaCeram, Tile and Ceramic factory.




Quality Policy

Sayol Co. (P.J.S.)

Sayol Construction Company was established in 1980 and it is more than three decades that it has been active in implementing projects including operations of buildings and establishment of major hospital and industrial projects, office-commercial towers and residential buildings.


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