Niyavaran Commercial/Office Complex

Subject: Execution of foundation
Project location: Tehran
Area: 11,600 (m2)
Beneficiary: Bagh Ferdouse Iranian co. (Main client)
Client: Tarh o andishe shiva atlas co. (Project manager)
Designer: Tarh o andishe shiva atlas co.
Supervisor: Tarh o andishe shiva atlas co.

Contract amount: $2.818 Million  [(Price List of 2009) (Reference index - third quarter of the year 2011)]

+ 25% increasing $3.557 Million 

30% increase of contract final bill had been foreseen in this contract.

Initiation date: September 10, 2012
Temporary hand over: April, 2015
Final invoice & escalation: $2.026 Million 


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