Noavar Office Tower

Subject: All structures operation (steel structure with composite roof), construction installation facilities and landscaping.
Project location: Tehran
Area: 33,000 (m2)
Beneficiary: MCI center
Client: Noavar co. (affiliated to the 15th khordad foundation)
Designer: Bavand consultant engineers
Supervisor: Bavand consultant engineers

Part A:
Steel and concrete structures:
Contract amount: $3.886 Million (Price List of 1991)
+ 25% increasing $4.857 Million 
Initiation date: January 19, 1998
Temporary hand over: December, 2000
Final invoice & escalation: $6.814 Million 

Part B:
Operation of buildings and landscaping:
Contract amount: $10 Million (Price List of 1998)
+ 25% increasing $12.5 Million 
Initiation date: May 30, 2000
Temporary hand over: April, 2002
Final invoice & escalation: $5.847 Million 

Part C:
Kordestan entry completion operations:
Contract amount: $0.249 Million  (Price List of 1998)
Initiation date: July 2, 2003
Temporary hand over: January, 2004
Final invoice & escalation: $0.163 Million


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